Thursday, 12 November 2015


Lovely maandazi- which people in the West call Dumplings...made throats feel sweeter.
It was an evening to remember with loads of fun, rhythm, laughter and chatter. Pic by F Macha

Julian Marcus (nicknamed Babu Choo in Tanzania for his crusade to build toilets) adresses the event first in fluent Swahili then in Queens Mother tongue. Yes. Night of linguistics too. Pic by Jonathan Pace
Acrobat and musician Fab Moses shows his skills as his two mates, Saidi Kanda and author play.
Hamidu Mbaga of All Things African with musicians Fab Moses and S Kanda. Pic by F Macha
Drumming the night away. Community spirit. For peace. Pic by Jonathan Pace
Author leads a children drumming and percussion session during day time. Pic by Janet Chapman
William Fulton of BTS opens event in fluent Swahili which he called "bad" but i disagree. IT was a very good effort. Pic by Janet Chapman

The three musketeers.. Rock and drum and roll...this was during sound check. Prior to the fireworks. 

Drums and community spirit groove. Ngoma. Tell me about it. You should have been there, dear reader. Can you feel it though?
Get on the groove. Mduara. Pic by Jonathan Pace.

Director  of Tanzanian Trade Centre, London, Yusuf Kashangwa (first right) flanked by Hamidu Mbaga, Saidi Kanda and author. Pic by Fab Moses.
Local musician leads Djembe spirit. Remember that. Pic by Jonathan Pace.

Show biz. Author with All Things African director, Hamida Mbaga. Pic by Saidi Kanda.

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