Tuesday, 17 November 2015


The drizzle might have put one-off. But you don't stay home on a Saturday afternoon.
Not unless you are writing something.
Or if that very writing actually needs evolution, encouragement and what else?
The surgery I attended with EIGHT other poets on Saturday 14th, November, 2015 was about writing development.
 Writer Development Manager, Eva Lewin of Spread the Word, flanked by poet Laila Sumpton during the 3 hour afternoon workshop at Hackney Development Coop in London.

It was the same group of writers.  Some who had  attended a Shakespeare 400 years project around the corner.
Writers,  Alia Kawait (left)  and Togu Agbelusi...

We were made to reflect on what  William Shakespeare meant. We were asked to dig deep.  Into the act of planning and setting up writing deadlines and crucial dates. The Discipline of writing. Eva Lewin divided us into groups.  We jabbed, stabbed, pricked and pierced needles inside ongoing difficulties, dilemmas and possibilities. Slowly the swelling  began abating.  Most of us could see a glimmer of hope. A light  each writer seeks ..
Encouragement is lunch.

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