Monday, 4 May 2009

A song called : Freedom

I penned this song in 1980 while reflecting on various types of freedoms in many ways and million places around the world...I was living in one of the poorest districts of Dar es Salaam (called Mwananyamala Kisiwani) in Tanzania. The previous night i experienced a very troubled sleep due to prolonged chilling shrills and screaming... a man was beating his wife for borrowing a piece of soap from a neighbour.
That is how poverty interacts with freedom and relationships.

Playing and enjoying this memorable session in Winter 2009:

Piano- Kaz Kasozi (Ugandan multi-instrumentalist musician);
Bass- Andre Mathurin (from St Lucia where they have that special annual jazz festival)
Percussion- Trevor Antonio (African- Carribean rhythm man)....
I have been playing on and off with these great guys for over a decade. They have one thing in common which i always look for and love in musicians: they are sensitive, creative, they listen and do not over play...

On a hand held Camera is Krawl, a man of such intense talent; he is also a Capoeira (the Brazilian martial arts and dance) teacher.

This London session was recorded, edited and produced by Kaz Kasozi for his Video-cast series which showcases various musicians with similar themes and styles.

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