Monday, 23 November 2015

SHAKESPEARE 400 YEARS - Diary of Events

Second rehearsals at King's College

We met at the entrance; before even signing in, slid immediately in-n-n-nna Shakespeare mode...
Hugs, jokes and handshakes sandwiched in the chilly room somewhere above the Strand traffic. Yup. Supercharged. Even as we trudged to the lift, an assigned task. As usual.  In twos or threes. Discuss this. Reflect. Check out that. Not a minute wasted. Best thing about this project is the work ethic...

 First was Comedy of Errors. Here? Director and Facilitator Arne Pohlmeier in his element.  Warm ups and basics. Drills. Vocal exercises. Stage performance tips. Real craft stuff. Walking. Being watched. Stage psyche. Cheered, analysed and supported. Heart beat.
Blogger and Poet, Hamdi Khalif, goes thru her paces. An abstract "learn by doing" exercise cocooned in giggles and more giggles. Fun. Turn and Pun.

We wont tell you what this shoe was all about.
 Try to make it to the Bards and Borders  performance scheduled  on Thursday 3rd Dec 2015
...By the way.    Even William Shakespeare (Special Invitation) is not getting any Comps.
 Group work, solo work, tick toc tick...,each second as valuable as it was mind and emotionally fulfilling.
Tom Green of Counterpoint Arts makes a point, watched by poet  Edin Suljic (first left), and session facilitators Arne Pohlmeier and Laila Sumpton.
Attentive poets.  Yes. Bien Sur.

We showcased our own poetry, tried out Shakespearean lines, sat down, wandered, stood up, went through all sorts of motions. 360 degrees.
Green comments on white paper and black lines. The idea of several writers sharing short scribbled comments on green stubs  is so cool.  I  personally swapped hearty constructive criticism and positive feedback from seasoned poets, Edin Suljic, Barbara Lopez Carolona and Shamim Azad.
Afghani writer Haroon O Mahdi in conversation...
The last moments were done in a different room where it was not so chilly. Time was food. As Laila Sumpton (above) and Arnie Pohlmeier timed finishing touches, we were ready for more

Next week

Watch this space....

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