Wednesday, 2 September 2015


 Proud to be Kenyan. Ubwabwa rice with the Flag colours...

 Mohammed Juma from Mombasa served Ndizi Choma and Nyama Choma made from Lamb or Fish. Scrumptious!

 Pilipili Made in Kenya....Know what that is? Learn Swahili to find out.

It was beauty full.
May I quote one participant from another part of the continent. What did she say? "So many people love Kenya!" In her hands was a plate of Ugali, Nyama Choma and  Sukumawiki. I just wished we had Ndovu or any other Kenyan beer, that would have completed the menu of our East African brothers and sisters. 
Another person was a Mzungu who had visited and lived in Zambia and South Africa. He quiped :
 " One day I want to go live in Kenya..."

The variety of models who took the stage and were unafraid to echo the word of the day. Beautyfull.

There was a jovial Ghanian chap. Loving it.
Joy aside he intoned that Ghana's day in the park a while ago had more attendance. 
This was, nevertheless :  "...still Beauty full..." He added in that typical West African beat. He reminded me of Ayi Kwei Armah, the Ghanian writer who wrote The Beautyfull ones are not yet born. That was in 1968. Since then beauty has been born and grown.

Or as Kenya's High Commission to the UK, His Excellency, Lazarus Amayo said to the large crowd that Saturday 29th August, 2015 evening:
 " ..even if as Embassies we would like to influence policies to favour Kenya, you are in much better position because you operate in this country as voters,as leaders that elected all those decision makers in this country.  In one way or another you have contacts with them. And so we recognise and appreciate and appeal to you to use those contacts to formulate policies that will favour your motherland Kenya."
Ambassador Lazarus Amayo meets Journalist Julius Mbaluto of East African Informer. 
In the middle is entrepreneur and media personality, Pauline Long.

Wendy Higgs from Global Fusion Music and Arts in Greenwich, did not miss the beat.
I must confess this simple occasion was run in an easy going, relaxed  manner.  High quality results. Successful. Looking forward to the next Kenya in the Park. And if possible Uganda and Tanzania in the Park. Right on Lydia Olet and Taifa Radio FM!

Chief Organiser of event ..Lydia Olet (centre)  with Ghanian friends.
Author with Ugandan artist Steven  Kasamba of ACD Arts.
Mombasa born Kenyan musician and bassist, Billy Mwangura who played with Africa Jambo Band. 
Apart from Africa Jambo there were whole load of artists, models and a story teller called Usifu Jalloh aka Cowfoot Prince - all the way from Sierra Leone.

Yes! Hakuna Matata Kenya. Faces of happy families. 

Artist-Actor -Rapper, Septimus Prime with Lydia Makale. Kenya Oyeee!

Ironically and timely,  this was the weekend that Kenya packed 16 medals at the 15th World Athletics in Beijing. 
Well done Kenya. Mnatuwakilisha Afrika Mashariki!!!

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