Tuesday, 31 October 2017


 Insidious means : subtle, sly, stealthy....
Stealth is used to describe a leopard. Of all the cats, this animal is the most crafty, smart hunter. has a sense of timing and perfection. Now. Insidious  was used recently in a letter  by a retired school teacher. I loved it. She used the word " insidious drug" to describe the awful grass which many glorify as a harmless puff. Marijuana. Weed. Bhang. Cannabis. .

With so much of it everywhere. You smell it in houses, street corners, clubs...and the repercussions are mental illness, violence etc Ms Mary Brett,  was complaining how police are letting Mairjuana growers off with a little tap on their wrist, i.e. just a warning This insidious vegetable - a silent killer of our brains- is cultivated in private gardens of our towns. According to World Health Organisation (WHO), in 1960, only 34 % lived in cities. in 2014 the number reached 54%. Which means farming and plants have to be grown in urban areas. And with this rubbish- it means artificial light, therefore synthetics. Just like battery chicken  and eggs. Thats where we have skunk the new Marijuana that is causing so much mental salsa and zombie humans.
Canabbis as a wonder drug?
Just say- NO THANK YOU

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Sunday, 6 November 2016


One of the most fascinating and exciting spots in town run by multi talented musician JJ Adamson of  AilTV.com
Lights, camera, sound....all there plus fantastic crowd of musicians. I shall be rocking...!

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