Monday, 22 March 2010


Pic by Lisa Deurell

Back in 2007 I blogged Swedish singer songwriter Klara Kjellen.
I had met her a decade earlier during the London tour of the late traditional Tanzanian musicians : Hukwe Zawose and his nephew, Charles Zawose, both who died 2003 and 2004, respectively.
And so, I went to see Klara's gig in West London.
Three years later her progress is tremendous: more music, label, website, blog, stories and pics. Check here

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Friday, 19 March 2010


Jazz Poetry Nights at the Pangea Project had an unusual edge to it. Plenty of intense surprises, wonderful performers and a loyal, sincere, attentive audience. The best thing about the Pangea Jazz Poetry Nights is the appreciative audience and a supportive club management.

Jonny Virgo raps and toasts backed by Ogmios (bells), Andre Mathurin (bass) and several other musicians, jamming and playing during this climaxing moment towards the end of the exciting night, Wednesday, 17th.
(Pic by Ursula T)

Ursula T the inicisive German poet, philosopher and writer works out one of her favourite pieces : "Sea Weed" backed by Stephano on guitar, host Freddy (piano) and Andre Mathurin (bass) not in picture.
(Pic by Antonio Mamede)

The evening began with an intro of Abiye biye (Supermodel) by Freddy and Andre on bass; then Ogmios whose deep poetry had the audience chuckling and cheering especially when he called out the most interesting point of the evening. An hour earlier an elderly Russian lady had walked into the club with two young friends and was especially attracted by the house piano.
"It is Russian and I am Russian," She said, proudly.
Her name was Elsa and we quickly found out she was an amazing pianist. Ogmios' lyrical wit, his hip hop delivery blended surrealistically with Elsa. It was even more interesting when she played these East European melodies to accompany Ogmios poem about Medieval times and modern specifics.
This is what Jazz is all about. Surprises and instant improvisation.

Tunes Under Fire.
A powerful unusual duet: psychedelic jazz electric guitar by Doug Kinloch
and James Gilbert (Sax)....
Their set was assisted by house bassist, Andre Mathurin and Brother Niyi on percussion....
(Pic by David Green )

Brother Niyi, the local Stoke Newington writer, teacher and poet, is a veteran of the London performance poetry scene. He always brings something special to such occasions. On the said night he strolled in, huge heavy African drum on his shoulder and he did his many trademark things, one of which is that "wake up" call:
"Everybody say Yeah Yeah..."
Djembe beat, social, political, psychological lyrics and a reminder of the Nigerian, Afro cultural jazz background. He reminded us what
Afro Beat means ("go on google it...") by not forgetting to give tribute to one of his heroes the great Fela Anukulapo Kuti .

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Tuesday, 9 March 2010


72 Stamford Hill, Stoke Newington N16 6XS
Opposite Morrisons
8.30 pm – Midnight
Free entry

St Patrick's Day Wednesday, 17th March, 2010

1- Jonny Virgo: Hip hop artist- promoting his new CD.
3-Brother Niyi: Afro Beat poet and percussionist
4-Ogmios- Local Stoke Newington hip hop poet
5- Tunes Under Fire- Free jazz guitar and sax duo
6- Ursula T: German writer and performance poet

In -house musician ♫♫♫
André Mathurin on bass
And other surprises

Hosted by Freddy Macha- writer and musician

Info : +44-7961 833040

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