Wednesday, 3 September 2008

...these wonderful women musicians...

...there is so much music, so many musicians and so much more to come...for each drug addict musician there are several clean cut sober musicians.
Here are my two favourite clips of the week...

I have seen Gal Costa several times; in Brazil she is considered Number One female singer. Unlike Miriam Makeba, Aretha Franklin and Alicia Keys (below) Gal is not a songwriter but more of an excellent "interpreter" of other people's music. A sort ofElla Fitzgerald .
One of those singers with the gift of making any song (by anyone) shine.
Singer's singer.
I chose this song by the great Antony Jobim because Gal Costa turns "Wave" into ...what is the word? Magic. Heavens. Beleza...

Thought Jobim and Gal Costa sound dated and old fashioned? Check out the youthful ever last, Alicia Keys, below.
Alicia Keys is a role model for young (especially female) musicians. She plays the goddamn instrument well and sings superbly. We havent started on her looks (up to you)...

Through experience teaching music to young people in the (last two decades or so) I have noticed a tendency amongst today's youth not taking time to learn and practise instruments. Rapping(hip hop) is most common for boys and girls just want to sing and dance. Playing an instrument well (although I am not saying the voice is not an instrument) is very demanding and takes years and years to accomplish. (Was it the great pianist and singerRay Charles who told BBC's Jools Holland that you will never quite "beat" your instrument but try to know it somehow?)
... Alicia Keys is a hardworker.
(She meshes classical European style with jazz and blues in her piano technique).
Hard working ethic cooked with talent breeds more beauty.
...Here is a fascinating link : from traditional soul and jazz singers: Ella Fitzgerald,Billie Holiday , past Dionne Warwick through Aretha Franklin to...
...the Keys...

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Tuesday, 2 September 2008


Foto : Getty Images

...It is a year since Sembene Ousmane, the Senegalese writer and filmaker died at his home aged 84.
While still at school i read his great novel : "God's bits of Wood" which was a must in literature studies. He is regarded as the pioneer of African cinema and anyone wanting to seriously study African writing of commitment should study and read his works...
Pity that Ousmane, like legendary South African musician Miriam Makeba are not so celebrated in the wide world of arts, film and literature.
Recently, Bongoland-2, the new Swahili movie by Kibira Films has been compared to the work of Sembene Ousmane. It is a significant analogy.

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