Friday, 22 February 2013


She is  Mish Da Fya Sis...and her new video is called Roll Like Dem.
What do you think of it?
Like it? Find it funny? Intelligent? Cheeky? Interesting?
Anyway; Mish Da Fya Sis is about to release a new album and this is the first single.
Made by none other than Urban Pulse Creative Media

Keep on Rolling it...and dig it!

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Wednesday, 20 February 2013


Swahili Flavour?

What is that?
Walk around London right now and the ongoing vibes will catch your attention. It is  time for another bi-annual London Fashion Week - since 1984 - London joins hands, ears, eyes and feet to dance and jostle with Milan, Paris,  and New York- February and September. We are in February and so...

..For the first time...
This bliss has been joined by the Swahili People...hence Swahili fashion and Swahili Flavour
The catch phrase has been the sing song for three Tanzanian designers with common talents.
An eye for beauty, creativity, business and innovation.
From left Anna Lukindo (Anna Luks ), Christine Mhando (Chichia London) and Jacquiline Kibacha (Heart 365). Pic by Urban Pulse.

I have seen and enjoyed their work...
  Since Friday 15th February, the Tanzanian High among UK's 27 Embassies, art galleries and cultural centres showcasing emerging talents, promoted by the British part of the ongoing London Fashion Week...both the Tanzanian High Commission and Tanzanian Tourist Board... (TTB) sponsored the event and made sure the three designers would showcase their creations.London fashion awards put Tanzanian presentations among top 10 winners- led by Estonia, on Sunday. This is beauty-full news.

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Monday, 4 February 2013


Newly appointed UK Ambassador to Tanzania, Her Excellency,  Dianna Melrose has expressed her joy at coming to Tanzania by saying she is looking forward to the task at hand.
Ambassador Melrose  was speaking during a small dinner hosted by UK envoy His Excellency Peter Kallaghe and  wife Joyce Kallaghe in London  on her way to Tanzania last Thursday.
Ambassador Dianna Melrose signing the guest book. On her right is Ambassador’s wife Mama Joyce Kallaghe.

“"I feel very privileged ” she said. “The Tanzanians I have met have been so friendly and so welcoming. Such kind and generous people that I know I am going to have a wonderful time, “she went on lapping this unprecedented praise, “I know that my compatriots who have spent time Tanzania  seem to have left with a deep love that I have not find  with other British people who have lived in other countries .”
The new ambassador explained the fact that Tanzania is moving forward, has a huge potential and is very important for the UK- as her biggest investor.

 His Excellency Ambassador Peter Kallaghe raising a glass to toast with guests  to invite Ambassador Dianna Melrose to speak

“When my predecessor Diane Corner met President Kikwete, he said that now we are at an important stage of our relationship; we have reached a new bilateral stage.” And so her position “is to strengthen those links. Lucky me and thanks very much.”
     Her Excellency Ambassador Dianna Melrose speaking briefly. On her left is His Excellency  Peter Kallaghe

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