Tuesday, 29 June 2010


Just read this on the net and found it inspiring:

"I spend more of my ‘writing’ time encouraging and motivating other people to write, than actually writing myself. But that is okay … that is wonderfully okay … because in turn, their joy inspires and feeds my writing. When I see others achieve, it excites me, and then, all of a sudden, (usually), whilst I’m travelling, whether in a vehicle or on foot, I’ll read something sad; hear a funny line, see something to make my mouth gape, and I’ll jot it down with whichever pen, eyeliner, mind marker comes first. It germinates and blossoms, and all on its own, turns itself into – some kind of writing."

By Kadija George from Sierra Leone.

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Saturday, 12 June 2010


Call it soccer, call it mpira, be it footsie or the "beautiful game" as the great Pele said. This year's championship in South Africa has a totally different feel. Not just for the noisy trumpets, the Vuvuzela (which remind one of thousand bee swarms)... Someone was saying because of the beleaguered continent; this is God's blessing. History. This is Africa's turn.

Many African players are now international stars making the sport more interesting; from Nkwako Kanu to Didier Drogba and Samuel Eto'o. Of course past world cup finals have featured African players but they have been in European and Latin American cities; nothing strange, a formality, almost. I think we have to thank Nelson Mandela; his aura , what his whole struggle represents. Rainbow colours...

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Tuesday, 1 June 2010


I first met Akiwali Walters at the Cologne railway station, Germany in 1987.
He and I hit it off immediately; he soon created a colourful mural for my stage performance which I used for many, many years.

Akiwali's famous painting " Drink"

Akiwali is a human factory, forever chuckling, your typical art troubadour; creating pictures as he moves, exhibiting them alone or with bands, musicians, poets, other artists, you name it. He goes everywhere: villages, towns, huge cities, schools, festivals, streets, concert halls, living rooms, by the river side, on bus stations, hippy camps, etc.
He has stories from all over the globe Japan, Ghana, Spain, UK...
Although this painter travels, sells and exhibits, he always goes back to Jamaica.
"Mih luv Jamaica..."
Is his motto...
Like the poet icon Mutabaruka, this Rasta believes in restoring your energy and creativity by keeping in touch with one's preferred surroundings. No wonder his spirits are always high, cheerful, vibrant,thoughtful, proud, original.
Check his paintings here

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