Monday, 18 January 2016

SWAHILI WORD PLAY - Lost in Translation

These days if you are on WhatsApp you would constantly receive pics and clips from everywhere.
Most of the time credits are not given. WhatsApp is not that sort of place. However, let me salute whoever made up these words.
In Swahili there are three different words expressing the process of making and eating rice.
Its not like in English where rice means rice. Cooked, raw, etc, is just rice.
In Swahili you have rice in its farming stage i.e. in a  Paddy-field.

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Diary of 400 Years Shakespeare

 New Year....mid January.
We met again. Arcola Theatre. A different room. The floor had an unusual colour...
As usual, ready and again were The Three Facilitators, Tom Green, Arne Pohlmeier and Laila Sumpton
The room was cold, the room smelt of paint, the room was....secluded....away from the main Arcola hassle and bustle....but the meeting buzzed, chimed, synced... Everything was so soooo Inspirational.

After December's first gig, we are ready for Arcola 30th January and Poetry Cafe on Monday 1st February.

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Sunday, 17 January 2016


Two eggs stuck on my head's lawn....

One is the poetry reading and performance at Keats House in Hampstead , north west London. What a place. Historical.
 Plus....  the Brazilian rock group, Moondogs,( see joint pic with the  Rockers,  afterwards, author has a black hat and Bob Marley T shirt) who rounded up gigs at Bedroom Bar. What a fantastic 30 minutes. Most people expect Brazilians to sing in their native Portuguese. However, these guys, who had two other bands (i.e. three in one) rubbished the stereotype and shocked, awed and mesmerized English but in their own Brazilian style.

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