Monday, 15 December 2014


How long does it take to notice a unique artist?
Good question.
Saidi Kanda promotes his new album Ambush at Rich Mix , East London in November 2014. On his left is singer Fab Moses, whose participation in Kanda's performances is significant.
Pic by F Macha

Our lives are not as unkind as a 1960s T shirt used to say, i.e. cruel world. But the music industry is a tough trek. We have to like and believe in what we do. Just like Musician Saidi Kanda, 
who has been around for as long as I can remember. 
I recall visiting the late musician Remmy Ongala (above) at one of the clubs he performed regularly in Dar es Salaam Tanzania. It was 1983. Then prodigy percussionist  Saidi Kanda was only 21 and already playing with the legend. I was burning and eager to write about Ongala who I felt was not getting due credit for his amazing music and input into international culture. My efforts to pen articles in my then column with the weekly Sunday News, belched something else. Journalism was not enough. I felt I had to write a book about Remmy Ongala's life. I started right away...

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Saturday, 13 December 2014


Mr Hans of Safari Hub with Willem Kurpers of Kili Villa

Tourists and visitors to Tanzania have been assured that the ongoing Ebola crisis should not affect their choice of East Africa's most beautiful, natural destination.

Speaking exclusively to this blogger in London yesterday, Director of
UK Based Safari Hub, Mr. Navraj Hans, said although the number of tourists flying to the continent has dwindled by 50 percent in the last six months, Tanzania remains unaffected.

Asked to elaborate Mr.  Hans, who’s Safari Hub, has offices in Africa, Asia and Europe, explained that bookings to Tanzania continue to flourish and they include high profile clientele. One of them is Kili Villa who contacted Safari Hub with intention to attract visitors to experience one the best golf courses in Africa at Maji ya Chai, Arusha.
“Because of the beauty of nature and the hospitable character of Tanzania, Kili Villa are keen to develop golf in the country and have asked us to help in bringing more visitors.”

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