Friday, 22 April 2016


I am  not a jealous person.
I believe so much in myself and my talents that I never feel threatened. However, during Prince concert somewhere in Germany in 1987 ( "Sign of the Times" tour)   I couldn't face it.  Prince was magnificent. Fans were fainting. The music was exhilarating. He played, he sang, he danced, his clothes were superb;  the band grooved and songs were just out of this world. Half way I matched out.
                                                 Prince- pic by Ironing Board Collective

"Why are you leaving? Don't you like it?"
The person I was with, wondered
I couldn't hide my envy.
I had to evaporate. Hide. 
Did not sleep well for days.
But later I was so, so, so inspired, I regained my composure. The last time I saw Prince was in Rio De a private gathering in Leblon, near the beach.  He was surrounding by these huge bodyguards. He was so tiny. I did not feel green at all. No envy. I felt this legendary, great artist had no freedom. 

Over the years my fondness for Prince never abated. I always felt he was top dog.  People speak of Michael Jackson,. Yes Michael Jackson was super talented. He sang well, composed great tunes, danced...but Prince, for me, is on another level. There are different layers. Being a lonely boy who struggled to succeed. the level of everything being art. How he created a persona for his appearance, his musicians. Uniting male- female, black white, uni-sexiness, etc. The first person who used what we call text language back in the 80's. Or instruments.   Playing a  musical instrument is hard work. You have to rehearse. Daily. Graft daily. For hours and hours. And Prince could do more than twenty. Once he  casually said, in an interview that all instruments are all similar. If you are a multi instrumentalist, you can identify with that. That is why Prince was called a musician's Musician. We can identify with him...
Super genius!!!
May God Rest His Soul in Peace. 


Mr. Ally said...

Great story Fred. I didn't know much about this guy but your story made him Super genius indeed. RIP PRINCE!

Zoronita said...

Haha yes go Prince! I love him and MJ :p