Tuesday, 5 April 2016

BEDROOM BAR- Monday 4th April

Live music was kicking at Bedroom Bar last night. It was packed and mellow and...

As usual it was an international vibe...
Our Monday Open Mic had acts from France, Germany, Nigeria, UK, etc.
There was a variety of female, black, white, young and older musicians. Some came from Bath. Some were seasoned buskers  like Dave Etherington (pic below), who is originally from Guernsey. 

Or very interesting...
Titus Waldfenfels for example all the way from Munich had a variety of instruments- a few self made others improved from old. Titus  created an amazing array of sounds. No singing. Which was a good contrast from the norm. Sometimes it is heart warming to get away from too much speaking and singing. Music is sound. Any sound. All kinds of sounds... 
here were the fantastic acts

1. Alex Dobson
2. Djinn Cover - French Blues man
3. Titus Waldenfels- master craftsman
4. Zarina- Young upcoming London songwriter
5. Bee Bakare- Amazing singer from Bath via Nigeria
6. Josh Williams - Main act of the evening all the way from Edmonton , Canada
7. Dave Etherington- Street musician from Guernsey

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