Wednesday, 22 January 2014


Hackney based Capoeira Master, Simon Atkinson " Mestre Fantasma" has started free Capoeira Classes for Youths, aged 11 to 18 years. This is a positive project which will give purpose and help shape lives of this significant age group.

Mestre Fantasma who runs the East London Capoeira School....
(pic by Anna Luks)

What are the benefits
of Capoeira?

✤Movements practiced in Capoeira employ whole body with its full
range of motion
✤Training Capoeira builds a strong, supple, and most importantly
healthy body
✤In its essence, Capoeira is an effective and cunning system of self-defence.

✤Capoeira sharpens awareness, focus and coordination
✤Significantly enhances the ability of non-verbal, positive, and artistic
✤Strong elements of play and improvisation promote spontaneity and
mental flexibility
✤Builds up musicality as it requires practitioners to learn percussion
instruments used in Roda
✤Capoeira promotes self-knowledge and self-confidence
✤Capoeira is a community activity practiced in, with and for the
✤Strong relationships between practitioners and groups across national,
religious, and racial borders
✤Capoeira philosophy is deeply inspired by nature and promotes an
intimate and respectful relationship with the living planet

Who can practice Capoeira?

Capoeira is for everyone!
Regardless of age, gender, or fitness level - anyone who has the
desire to learn this art-form can practice Capoeira.
As Mestre Pastinha famously stated: “The only one who won’t
learn is the one who doesn’t want to.”
“A capoeira é pra homem,
menino e mulher; só não
aprende quem não quer.”
— Mestre Pastinha

Where can I get

Mestre Fantasma (Simon Atkinson) and East London Capoeira
invite all interested 11-16 year old boys and girls in Hackney to
join the group for FREE Capoeira lessons consisting of physical
training, music lessons, and play!
Mestre Fantasma is a well known figure in the Capoeira world
and has been teaching and promoting the art beyond national
borders for over 25 years. He teaches the traditional style of
Capoeira with a traditional Bahian approach, which promotes
exploration and discovery over dictation and replication.
Interested individuals should contact Simon Atkinson via email
at or just drop-in to one of the regular
classes outlined below:
Mondays, 6pm - 7pm (FREE, starting 24 Feb 2014)
Saturdays 4pm - 6pm (FREE)
Forest Road Youth Hub
28 Forest Road
London E8 3BY

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