Wednesday, 28 May 2014


On Friday 30th evening local London musicians are expected to entertain a fundraising dinner event  to help find money to build a safe house for female genital mutilation runaways in Tanzania. The event will have a raffle  by active Tanzanian charity worker, Malkia Kassu who won the Miss Commonwealth Africa 2013.

Speaking exclusively to this blog, Communications Manager for the Tanzania Development Trust Fund, Janet Chapman said the event is part of a plan to help raise 65, 000 pounds for teenage  girls who refuse FGM in Mugumu, Mara region, Tanzania by the Anglican Diocese. The house will be open to people of all faiths.

“Tanzania Development Trust Fund works closely with other NGOs in both Tanzania and beyond.   There will be another concert on October 2nd, 2014 at Westminster Central Hall, to which everyone is most welcome,” Ms Chapman said.



The former English teacher first set foot in Tanzania in 2007. This year she will spend five weeks touring development projects in the country. She says was first outraged by FGM after starting to teach in Sudan over thirty years ago. “I believe FGM is about male control and patriarchy. It is still abuse whether done under medical conditions or not.”

While at the safe house the girls will undertake various training e.g. computer, cloth making and carpentry. This will enable them to have independent lives as skilled workers in the future. Currently local Tanzanian doctors estimate 50 percent of girls are at risk of FGM. The risks include menstrual and difficult births, urinary infections even death.

Some of the artists performing at the The Russet Hall, north London shall include, Hackney Harmony Community Choir,   Tanzanian writer and musician, Freddy Macha, North African percussionist Nadia Al Faghig Hassan( pictured below),  Sokoshumba, a Zimbabwe female duet playing traditional mbira and percussion music,   singer-songwriter Nakisha with her Opera Reggae and Lora Linhares Max,  singer songwriter.


 Percussionst Nadia Al Faghih Hassan. One of the scheduled acts.

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