Monday, 6 January 2014


Following the "gloom and doom"  mood  splashed around by September 11 attack in New York, 2001, music remained as always the healing wand. Chatting and jamming with fellow musician, friend and producer Gabriel Prokofiev, we decided to record one of my old happy tunes : Kilimanjaro. It was composed in Brazil , 1989 when I was asked what are the main hallmarks of Tanzania ...

London has many remarkable East and Central African musicians (and technically talented ones from different corners of the globe) who would easily fit into the sound I wanted. A mix of Soukous, Ndombolo, Zouk and my own original groove which you can hear when I vamp the guitar. I developed it from a relatively unknown , rare Mtingo traditional Wachagga drumming where I descend from, on the slopes of Kilimanjaro mountain. Actually my late father ( an excellent guitar player and song writer) encouraged me to play this way, very early on.
So here is the song of October 2001.
And thanks to the following excellent team - or as the great artist Fela Kuti would say- music personnel.

1. Bass - Billy Mwangura - Mombasa, Kenya

2. CongasSaidi Kanda- Award winning Percussionist from Tanzania

3. Sax and Solo Guitar-Kawele Mutimanwa- Africa Jambo band leader from- Congo DRC

4. Sax- Ramadhan Kaimanda (known as Rama Sax)- Tanzania

5. Backing Vocals- Irene Hernandez-Spanish Singer

6. Swahili ChantMasi Tumi Lambo- Tanzania

7. Keys, Programming & Back Vocals-Gabriel Prokofiev- UK

The visual result can be seen through the following video created on New Year 2014 by "the one and only"  Gumba. Unfortunately Gumba is not an internet buff, so we cant reference or URL that.
 Enjoy and give us your feedback, please!

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