Wednesday, 22 June 2011


Maasai image by Raza

Various residents have been visiting and buying paintings of the well established Tanzanian painter, Raza Mohammed whose exhibition kicked off last Friday at the Charlton House in Greenwich, South East London.
An official at the 4 century old building created by King James 1 in 1607, said this is the first time an African artist had exhibited at Mulberry Tea Room.
During the ceremony Tanzanian Deputy High Commissioner in the UK, Mr Chabaka Kilumanga thanked Global Fusion Music and Arts the Greenwich based organisation that helped promote Raza’s exposition.

Deputy High Commissioner of Tanzania in the UK, Mr Chabaka Kilumanga (left) chats with Raza Mohammed (centre) and Eddy Raza at the opening party. Pic by Louisa Le Marchand...

Expected to last until Wednesday July 20th, Raza’s pictures are also accompanied with his 40 year old son Eddy Mohammed who has been painting since he was six.

Sharing love of Jazz seen here posing with Jazz music CD's ...Eddy Raza and Louisa Le Marchand, Project manager of Global Fusion Music and Arts. Both Eddy and his dad admit getting inspired by Jazz while painting...Pic by F Macha

Apart from an international audience were also a wide range of London based Tanzanian academics, students, business community, artists, media and their families.
Omar Bakari founder of Greenshank, the Arusha based tourist company with an office in Birmingham said there was a good connection between Raza’s Tanzanian paintings and the attraction of investment and trade visitors to the country.
Seema Gill a London based Asian artist said the artwork reminded her of Tanzania where she lived and worked with children over twenty years ago.
Tanzanian music was also played at the opening.
Raza Mohammed began painting in 1952 at the tender age of six, after being encouraged to carry on by an English teacher in Mombasa, Raza went on to become one of our major artists. Apart from drawing realities of ordinary Tanzanians, he has done portraits of all four Presidents, designed stamps, illustrated books for schools and commercial purposes.
Some of Raza's stamp designs from the 1970's...
He is currently in the art committee of the State House headed by another fine art icon, Professor Elias Jengo.
Eddy's abstract style... contrast to his dad's.

Eddy Raza, his son, an Eastham College graduate, is expected to have his own major exhibition at Charlton House early next year.
The blogger and the painter (Raza) jostle around ...pic by Louisa Le Marchand


Anonymous said...

This was an inspirational and nostalgic night. Freddy's music and Raza's art will remain engraved in me for quite a while. It was fantastic. Great work!!

Toyin O. said...

Nice post, thanks for sharing.