Thursday, 7 July 2011


No African mentioned in this so called Poll of ten most beautiful people in the world.
Bring to mind the effect on our younger mindsets.
Whenever I am teaching children and ask them which one is African ...the Africans feel ashamed to either raise their hands, say what language their parents speak, etc.
Mainstream media image of Africans don't help this either. It is always about starving kids with flies hovering in their eyes, emaciated village women with hanging breasts, corrupt despots who dont want to step down after 30 years, etc. Add this type of Poll nonsense and is where we need to continually hammer the message: we are ok. There is nothing wrong with us...

And to those famous, powerful black women who keep on wearing glossy, imported, superficial hair...well, are you helping the cause of African natural beauty?

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Anonymous said...

well thats fashion the time will come and it ll be out of date,you as someone sent by usalama wa taifa to spy on Tanzanians abroad should not take that matter serious.