Tuesday, 14 June 2011



"Zanzibar Girl" by Raza.
On Friday 17th June, 2011 at 7-9 pm remarkable Tanzanian artist, Raza Mohamed will be exhibiting his amazing paintings accompanied by his son Eddy Raza. The exhibition will be opened to the general public until Wednesday July 20th, 2011. The venue, Mulberry Tea Room at Charlton House is a legendary building built in 1612 during the reign of King James 1.

"Bao Players in action" by Raza. This is a very popular urban game which used to be loved by the founder of Tanzanian nation the late Julius Nyerere

Raza Mohamed described as a “national treasure” in Tanzania has been painting, illustrating books and designing postal stamps since 1952. He was born August, 1946 and has participated in a number of art exhibitions in East Africa and many countries including Germany, USA, Denmark, France and Nigeria.

Eddy Raza his 40 year old son graduated from East London University, Docklands also seemed to have caught the family’s artistic bug and began painting when he was only 6 years. His work which has a slightly different approach reflects influences from Tanzania and certain European impressionists e.g. Claude Monet, Renoir, etc
Both father and son love jazz music and show a passion in this great art form in their versatile drawings.

"Chai Time" or rather tea time, a typical realistic display of the Raza family paintings.

During the opening ceremony music will be played by Tanzanian musician, Freddy Macha.

Painter Raza (left) and this blogger who will entertain during the opening...pic by Louisa Le Marchand of Global Fusion Music and Arts

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