Sunday, 9 September 2007

The I Don't Give A Damn Attitude

My friend, do you care?
The other day I heard the BBC weather chap joking about the climate under going some identity crisis. I laughed but then realised I was laughing at my own reflection in the mirror…

How much you care about anything is not measured by how well you work or how many times you go to say your prayers in a church or a mosque.
This is my personal opinion, anyway.
Care is about very tiny, tiny things. Saying thanks, saying hello, letting someone pass (whether on foot or while driving)… the less your ego is on the way, the more you care.
Still talking of caring; let us pause at hygiene. Is it enough to have a bath twice a day, shave or do your hair, go to the manicurist, dangle the best perfume for all others to smell...? Tell us, please.
How well you dispose that un-finished food, how you care about waste, the community, the environment. Being a good guy or a beautiful lady is not merely about purchasing the greatest looking car, latest model tri-phone, i-phone, milli-phone, E-products, music gadgets, groovy songs…
Where did you dispose the used batteries from your house, your camera, your dildo, cigarette butts and packs, beer cans, condoms, your baby's nappies, plastic bags…
How much do you care?

I agree.
You do love animals and will fight against their injustice; yet each time your pet shits on the pavements, you don’t clean it up. And alas! When human kids come rattling down this path, their hands, feet and bikes will (gladly) tramp and smear on the rubbish you left. Look at the very first picture on top and imagine a smear of that dog's stool and the flies on your shoes or hands...
Do we all care for one thing but are blind to another? Many years ago I heard the magnificent London poet, Adisa, saying, Balance, was his most favourite word. I agreed with Adisa. I still agree with him. You cannot only love yourself and be blind to everything else. If you don’t care about our streets and our earth then you don’t really give a damn about our life, with a capital L.
Big habits come from small habits, I read that in some toilet grafitti somewhere.

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