Sunday, 9 September 2007

Why Blogging Is Important to Us All...

WE want to shine "light on places and people other media always ignore.."
What a quote.
It comes from a non profit organisation called Global Voices and you know what? I met it's co-editor last Friday afternoon.

The lunch was fantastic. The talk was great. The ocassion... beautiful. So many adjectives.... because it was about blogging and writing.
After a one hour chat, it was camera time. Yes the visitor to London was none other than GV co-Editor, Solana Larsen, third left. To share the moment was Paula Góes, Brazilian blogger / GV Portuguese translator (second left) and Saidi Yakubu, BBC-Swahili London broadcaster and blogger from Tanzania, first right. Recognise the guy with red pants and a grin?
Global Voices is based in the legendary Harvard Law School at the Berkman Center for Internet and Society, USA.

Saidi, shares food and talk with Paula and Solana. All three run some active blogs and are keen to make Global Voices' crucial, monumental work succeed.

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