Wednesday, 12 September 2007

The Fly

came in to feed on our leftovers
what you call dirty, rubbish, junk, garbage
is someone else's FOOD
your joy could be somebody else's
pain, pain, PAIN....

and so !
the fly well fed and satiated
wants to leave our beautiful kitchen
our home is suddenly his prison
as he yells and buzzes and flies
around the white bulb...

your sanctuary could be
someone else's agony, agony , AGONY
and somebody else's depression may
be your wasted time, wasted time, wasted time

and so...
we chased her out!
while the dark cold outside waited;
we limbered in the headache she was creating
get out, get out, we shouted...

the three of us scuffling with brooms
towels, newspapers to kick the menace out! Out! OUT !

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