Sunday, 19 August 2007

This Weekend's Profile

Some people are not aware they have good things.
They have to be reminded.

…They are too busy living…
Too unassuming to be bothered with tags and personal glory.
That is what comes to mind when I think of Rahmon Olugunna. A guy with no visiting cards, no brochures...a guy who makes no noise about himself.
On this sunny Friday, where music reigned and shoppers shopped, he was selling his paintings, at this Festival in Barking, East London. Amazing pieces of art.
Pictures can speak louder than sound or words. Images are like feelings. They are deep.
Rahmon Olugunna told me he was born in South West Nigeria and studied under the “late Rufus…”
Who is Rufus? I wondered.
“He was a great painter. He was called the African Picasso.”
True. I soon learnt that Rufus Ogundele (1946-1996) was a very colourful painter and one can see the influence but that is another story.
Rahmon said he has exhibited in Chicago in the USA. He has been doing this for fifteen years…
I could see he was not in the mood to talk too much. People were milling around his wonderful pictures. You know what?
Good stuff attracts…
Rahmon Olugunna gave us his number (+44) 7940-118938 and said if you like to buy his paintings email him at :

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