Tuesday, 14 August 2007

First time I...

rode a horse

was on this beach in Búzios, near Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, 1990.
We had been swimming and enjoying the waves of the Atlantic ocean. Days and hours gone. Then it got monotonous. Out of the blue appeared this little boy with a horse. You paid him a small sum for a couple of lessons. Things like that always happen in Brazil.
They also unfold more details...
The boy was accompanied by his parents; they had more horses and were hiring them to other people on the "praia" (beach in Portuguese). I always thought riding would be scary but all what that cool smart boy did was to show me the ropes, and let me carry on with it. A good teacher, they say, makes a good student.
Sometime later, I met the boy's family and rode much more...
They were "ciganos" or gypsies.
All they did was hire horses; thats how they made their living. I found out that this very beach had become well known back in the 1960's due to none other than the famous French actress, Brigitte Bardot. She was filmed on the same spot that the horses galloped. On the same fresh air we breathed and that wonderful calm boy, not more than eight years old, yelling: Vai! Vai! ................go on! go on! ....great little teacher.
He must be a grown up man by now.
And that horse?
And the photographer?
Regina Celia Sampaio...


fadhymtanga said...

helo Freddy,
mambo vipi?
nadhani mimi ni mmojawapo wa wale waliokuwa wakiisubiria blog yako kwa mshawasha wa hali ya juu mno.
ni kama vile kusema hatimaye kiu yangu imetimizwa.
ni kama kusema kwamba nimepata nafasi ya kufahamu mambo mengi zaidi kutoka kwa msanii mahri kama Freddy.
kila la kheri.
karibu sana mtandaoni.


My first time here, and definately not the last!I just want U to know I am one of those who admire Ur work.Siku njema!

freddy macha said...

Nashukuru kwa ukaribisho.
Unaandikia toka wapi?