Saturday, 1 October 2016


Constancy and continuity they say are best ways of achieving tasks, efficiently. Sporadic intense,  activity does not really deliver.

And it is the consistency that adds to quality. Ever since she arrived in the UK three months or so ago, Dr Asha Rose Migiro, new Tanzanian envoy has kept that pulse. That Drizzle.
 Like a blink of an eye. Meetings and chats and handshakes and photos and selfies. The experienced states-lady, ex Minister (of various portfolios including women, children and foreign affair ) and former  Deputy UN Secretary General has kept the accelerator sizzling.
Dr Migiro with the women who made it. From left Khadija Ismail, Her Excellency, Neema Kitilya and Hamida Mbaga.

 She never stops and meeting her is both a pleasure and a learning process. She has one of the firmest handshake I have  encountered in a woman. And I have seen many. 
Positive thinker and author Dr Steve Maraboli  once said
"Let your handshake be a greater bond than any written contract."
Last Wednesday, Dr Migiro invited UK based Tanzanian artists to her office. By her side was Mr Allen Kuzilwa an officer dealing with Diaspora issues. Eight artists led by the acrobat and musician Fab Moses pledged unity and were promised cooperation from the present government. It is John Pombe Magufuli's policy to nurture and make artists contribute inside and outside the country. 

The eight reps, now called WASATU - Wasanii Tanzania Uingereza- were a concotion of multi talents. Some like Hamida Mbaga and Neema Kitilya had travelled from as far as Manchester and Birmingham, respectively,  to selflessly meet the new Mom and Intellect of foreign based nationals.
Fab Moses makes a point

Discussions went on for almost two hours.
 Why dont Tanzanians network? Are we only interested in Nyama Choma and doing workshifts? Why is Tanzania not as known overseas?  Like others? Is it because our athletes do not perform as well as Ethiopians and Kenyans and Jamaicans? Yes. WASATU asked and promised some answers, Individial efforts. Through more and better communication.

Present were- above 

1. Rama Sax- Ex Simba wa Nyika  legendary band
2. Saidi Kanda - 1989, Award winning percussionist of the year, ex Remmy Ongala player
3. Hamida Mbaga of All Things African
4. Khadija Ismail - ex Kibisa and Muungano Dance Troupe dancer and actor
Her Excellency Dr Asha Rose Migiro....
5. Neema Kitilya - Chef and Tanzanian recipes cook and business lady
6. Msafiri - known as Diouf Lewandp]owski - ex Twanga Pepeta and African  Stars
7.  Fab Moses - whose recent composition Kanyaga is dedicated to President Magufuli's efforts
Rama Sax speaks his mind. On his side is Mr Allen Kuzilwa of the High Commission.

 TheHigh Commissioner sums up deliberations and conclusions. It was very encouraging hearing a leader speaking fluent Swahili, light hearted, firm views and high lighting CCM's hope on art and artists.

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