Friday, 17 June 2016


When I was still in secondary school boxer Muhammad Ali was a big hero in Africa. In 1974 he fought George Foreman in Kinshasa, Congo DRC. That was gigantic and explosive. WE stayed all night to listen to the duel on the radio as there was no TV in Tanzania those days. Ali inspired us so much in his pride, athleticism, political awareness, poetry, liberation and so on. 
Youth and Fitness. At Mzumbe Secondary School we had a boxing team galvanized  100%  by Ali. From left with a fist salute, is the late Professor Chachage S Chachage- died in 2006. Second with hat is author. Third is the late Hussein Laiser, died in 1994. The rest, Msuya and our coach at the back  with arms folded, John Kihampa, I have failed to trace ever since.

Ali visiting Tanzania in 1980. Big event. Pic by legendary photographer Vincent Urio.

 During that year, Reggae star, Bob Marley also visited Africa and played at Zimbabwe independence rally in Harare. Musician James Brown likewise, came to Africa. Those were great links between African Americans and Africa....In the same year, 1980,  legendary Guyanese historian Professor Walter Rodney who had lived in Tanzania teaching history was assassinated in his homeland.
Compare this with what boxer Floyd "Money" Mayweather said about Africa in May 2015. That Africa has done nothing for him so he does not what? READ THIS.

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