Friday, 18 March 2016


Shakespeare 400 years updates

After gig at Arcola Theatre on January 30,  Bards Without Borders appeared at the Poetry Cafe on Monday February 1 ...then at the Senate House - Thursday 10th March 2016. In between some of the BWB  performed at the Refugee Awareness moments - all in February.  And the women International evening in Gants Hill organised by Exile Writers Ink through Shamim Azad. 

Colombian poet- Barbara Lopez at the Arcola gig
Tom Green speaks after Hackney Showroom performance- 3 December , 2016

Selfie with BWB  fans after Arcola Theatre gig- Saturday 30 January, 2016

Some of the BWB poets with Exiled Writers Ink Director , Jennifer Langer and Morocco poet, Rasheed.
Jamaican poet, Lloyd Benjamin -in action at Poetry Cafe
BWB - performance director, Arne Pohlmeier introduces BWB poets while entertaining Poetry Cafe gig.
Shamim Azad, Bangladesh poet,  performs at Poetry Cafe.
Somali poet, Hamdi Khalif recites at Poetry Cafe
Author in action at Poetry Cafe.
Arcola Theatre audience. Saturday 30 January, 2016

Zimbabwe poet, Handsen Chikorowe, on Open Mic during Poetry Cafe BWB event.  

Jennifer Langer of Exiled Writers Ink! opens the Poetry Cafe event.

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