Monday, 18 January 2016


Diary of 400 Years Shakespeare

 New Year....mid January.
We met again. Arcola Theatre. A different room. The floor had an unusual colour...
As usual, ready and again were The Three Facilitators, Tom Green, Arne Pohlmeier and Laila Sumpton
The room was cold, the room smelt of paint, the room was....secluded....away from the main Arcola hassle and bustle....but the meeting buzzed, chimed, synced... Everything was so soooo Inspirational.

After December's first gig, we are ready for Arcola 30th January and Poetry Cafe on Monday 1st February.

From then on its us poets versus 400 years Shakespeare Annivesary. It is going to be a lovely year.
Poets present were
 Shamim Azad (Shamim loves summing up what everyone has said. She appreciates everyone's input)
Edin Suljic (I like his line that " this is the year to be smartly dressed...")
Lloyd Benjamin (such a contagious laughter oozing from those poetic pul;ses)
Hamdi Khalif  ("Work together....develop....I just want to learn..."_)

Laila Sumpton gave us programs. Neatly done.
Arne Pohlmeier outlined the year ahead. "Could everyone tell us what you think?"
Tom Green reminded us of the facts : what we are about, what is it going to be achieved. Payments. Facts.
At some point we all read some lines from the programs...Poets usually recite and you have to constantly do it.
It all felt so positive....

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