Tuesday, 1 December 2015


Diary of "Bards without Borders"
Work almost climaxes...
Last One Saturday 2pm- 6pm at  Arcola Theatre, Dalston 

 Selfie of the Writers, Artists and Facilitators
Back row : Laila Sumpton, Chris Redmond, Arne Pohlmeier, Haroon O Mahdi, Edin Suljic
Front : Photographer Briony Campbell, Barbara Lopez, Hamdi Khalif, Tolu Agbelusi, Fatima Diriye and Freddy Macha        

Yes it was about FINISHING. Or rather sundown...
Wrapping it up. Which take which angle on Shakespeare do you want to write about? If so ...which tale? Inspired by him or by Comedy of Errors? There were endless chats and brainstorming lipping...One was about Identity and Image. Always significant for performing artists, immigrants, refugees etc.
There was lots of writing. Laila walked around and helped. There was Tongu Fu band leader's input. The outfit shall accompany us on Thursday 3rd Dec.
Chris Redmond gave us some wonderful vocal and physical drills. It reminded me of my Sayari days in the 1980s. I started out with poetry music work .History.
Chris Redmond of Tongue Fu...writing

There was endless purposeful thinking around writing. Photographs. Microphones. Presentation. Pronunciation. Shakespeare lines in different tongues. Bengali, German, Spanish, Bosnian, Swahili, Somali...and on and on. Intensity.

Hamdi Khalif and Fatima chilling out in the break. Which was cut short. "The tea went cold..."
Thinking and constructing. Shamim Azad in the solitary continent that any real writer knows and should recognize...
Discussion and debating and analysis. Creative minds. Shakespeare Spirit.
Check it out. The words and the words and the utterance. Edin Suljic in a playful mode.
Director Arne pouring water. Water the most repeated word. "I to the world I am like a drop of water" - a la William Shakespeare.
Laila with Barbara Lopez. Surgery. Re wriggling and wrangling phrases. Literature.
Tolu Agbelusi writing...

MEANWHILE...Interested in Shakespeare, poetry and new stuff?

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