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Audience at The Russet Hackney, London...listen to the poems of Farida Momtaz...

...So many ills across our planet. Some of us don't even want to watch TV and the news anymore.  But reality never hides. We have to face  facts. Life. Unnecessary wars. Diseases. Female Genital Mutilation. Fact. FGM is no longer a concern for women and girls only. It affects all of us. Boys. Gentlemen. Old and young. Every one. Every little smirk, smack and sneer helps. IT can be done; play your partMwalimu Nyerere, used to say.
 Experts have divided FGM into four types. PLEASE click ...HERE...and learn more.

This year's fundraising was May 30th (The Russet), October 2nd (Central Hall Westminster) and Oct 4th (The Russet).  Fundraisers need  money to build a safe house for girls escaping FGM in Mugumu, Mara region Tanzania. The place will also provide runaway girls with training in various skills and education.
If you want to know more and help please click HERE...
According to 28-TOO-MANY...14.6 % of Tanzanian women and girls aged between 15 to 49 have had FGM.
Apart from the age going down to two years, the custom is still done in secret. There are deaths( many deaths, secret deaths, sinister deaths) Mrs Rhobi Samwelly told me last week. Mrs Samwelly is project coordinator. She knows. Bodies chucked into  bushes. Far worse than Ebola victims.
For more on the conversation please read here .
 Now experience  the recent  London events....

Audience at Central Hall, Westminster, listen to speakers Anne-Marie Wilson of 28 Too Many,  Fahma and Mrs Rhobi Samwelly.
Exhibitors and members of British Tanzania Society- BTs at the Central Hall, Westminster event...
Miss Commonwealth Africa,  Malkia Kassu presented winning raffle at the Russet event. Pic by Milan Malinsky.
Musician Nakisha Esnard with her companion, wooed her Russet audience with vocal geographical twists and mellowness. 
The Russet entry...from parking lot.
Mrs Joyce Kallaghe, UK Tanzanian High Commissioner's wife, with Mrs Rhobi Samwelly and Mariam Kilumanga. Mariam is chair of Tanzanian Women Association (TAMWA). Check out the Kitoto drums. 
Kitoto offered drums and dance (Ngoma) at Central Hall. From left, Nandi Bhehe, Freddy Macha, Alina Kay and Gwang. Long live music.

Busy. Rhobi in the mix...

Organiser of event Jonathan Pace with Angolan friend from the city.
Colour and cheer. Anna Marcus carries Tanzanian flags after event.
St Lucian Bassist Andre Mathurin backs up author as he performs Jambo Jambo (Hakuna Matata) and Kilimanjaro.  Pic by Milan Malinsky.

Anna Harvey  Duet of Silva Screen smooth, chill out musical harmonies.
Mariam Kilumanga with Mrs Joyce Kallaghe and Christabella Njawa.
Author with Dr. Anne-Marie Wilson of   28 Too Many


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