Thursday, 12 September 2013


I enjoyed myself; everyone did that evening.
 I was delighted drumming Djembe  with my DJ friends from Poland. Kryhu Rudnicki and Kompas Collective, ever heard of them? Check them out...

  Their hallucinating, catchy electronic music, tallied with our  beats while sweetening   the mix of flamboyant, elegant, agile and athletic beautiful models from all corners of the world.

 At my side was Gwang, the amazing percussionist from Grenada.
We did the music and watched pretty clothes being displayed.

 Swim wear, strapless attire, long respectable maxi  dresses, sexy short skirts, waistcoats, you name it.  It was all lovely.

What dominated the fabrics was the East African Khanga, a piece of clothing that has been around the region since mid 1800s.  Yes, Khanga is also worn as far as Comoro Islands, Congo-Zaire and the beaches of Brazil.

The four designers : Basia Hellela (House of Wellu ),  Mija Sayi (wife Manju Msita, the well known Dar es Salaam designer), Jaquiline Majebelle (24 year old) and Hamida Ramadhani (All Things African).

Welcoming guests at the Tanzania House at this evening event on Saturday 7th September, Mama Joyce Kallaghe, spouse of the High Commissioner said this was a showcase in readiness for London Fashion Week in February 2014.
Mama Kallaghe (right) with veteran fashion lover, Esther Sabuni. 

Sponsored by British Council, a similar showcase was held in February 2013, and main co-ordinators was Rose Kiondo of the High Commission liaising with Tanzanian Women Association (TAWA )’s Mariam Kilumanga. 

To judge the clothes and models were well respected stylist, Samson Soboye, Denmark based designer Aaliya Kimolo, UK-Tanzania Business group secretary and author of Zanzibar cuisine book, Zarina Jafferji and Mama Kallaghe herself.

Did we experience any passion? Yes. We did. For example as we rocked on one of the most known Tanzanian rhythms, Mawindi (from Singida region) businessman, Mr Abubakar Faraji, who was MC for the evening could not resist to shake his body to the beat. And thanks to magic man, Erwin Michalec,  for making sure things went well, behind the scenes... 
Mr Faraji interviews All Things African...rep

Yes. Fashion.

 Clothes. Beauty.
Master Stylists : Soboye (left) and Eric (middle)...all the way from France...

Group photo: from left, Zehra Jafferji, Blogger Flora Lyimo, Esther Sabuni, Mariam Kilumanga, Zarina Jafferji and Mrs Joyce Kallaghe. Pic courtsey of  Flora Lyimo Fashion Blog

 Bring it all on...

 Gwang (left) and Flora Lyimo- the fashion blogger, with the author, after event.

 All model pics by Abubakar Faraji
Fahari Passion Iconic pic by Sarah Abood...

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