Saturday, 16 March 2013


I love fruits.

Well. Smile and close your eyes for a minute. You are probably thinking fruits.... of all types. Yes. In the poetic sense and romantic eye, the word fruit is strongly relevant, ambiguous and tempting...!.

Keep on smiling and think of who is your fruit of life...
 But  I am also talking of feeding; literally chocking on delicious nature: and let us speak science here;  acidic and alkaline fruits. We have to remind each other that  we are supposed to separate them to relish most benefits, i.e. You shouldn't be having bananas with oranges for instant.
I had this acidic mix yesterday, partly because two days earlier, my meals were mostly  lots of meat and excessive starch.  Knowing that I would go for a swim  today, tallied with fat reduction, amongst other things. Subsequently, the acid plays a role in cleansing. Here are dried apricots, mangoes, grapes, kiwi, pineapples, etc. Just look at the power of Nature' own colours- what they do to our physical aesthetics is beyond words. Ladies no matter how much make up and expensive body oils you pile up - what you put in through the mouth counts more, has a million Kudos and God's cogent blessings.

 Each demands a different sort of enzyme during digestion.Oranges would  best be alongside mangoes, pineapples, grapes and other acids while bananas sit in the same bowl with melons, pears, papaya and avocados.
And it is this sort of mix that I am talking about.
I tend to have a variety.
One day I would have the acidic mix, another the alkaline blend; sometimes I would have just two fruits in a mix for the morning and two for the evening.

Alkalines work well after a fast; half an hour or so before a meal and they are good (alongside water and stuff like Figs. Back home in Kilimanjaro we used to associate Figs with monkeys and other wild animals, which means these creatures are ahead of us when it comes to free range nutrition) for constipation. Yes constipation. That is a serious topic needing a separate chat. Years ago I even named my album constipation......
The king and queen of all fruits are Papayas and Avocados. They taste so good together and carry the best, significant of all nutrients.  Ironically they are also the most expensive fruits in rich countries. To get a good Papaya is around 8 dollars - and you have to really scour and search and know where to find the good ones. Worth every effort and penny, though.

Acids are great for burning fat and heeeeeey!
Who does not know oranges are brimming with Vitamin C? Speaking of vitamins and nutrients, the king and queen of this mix is of course my favourite : Papaya and Avocados. I tend to have this samba, ndombolo and bolero yum, yum, yummy,  after a two day fast. It tastes so good following the ordeal. Well, fasting is another favourite theme. But we are not talking of eating in the evening- that is not the sort of fasting I am speaking about. This is a 36 hour- plus fast. Sometimes I just do water fasts, sometimes, nothing eaten for 48. And the breaking is so important- you got to know how...I tend to kick off with water, wait fifteen or twenty minutes then fruits (then a light meal) and well, the circle is complete....and fruits are always the linking geniuses!

The adage " you are what you eat" was made with colour, content, substance - the power and beauty of fruits. For those keen and worried about losing weight, fruits (with fresh and cooked vegetables) are 100% beneficial... Fruits will help nourish your skin, hair, nails, joints, body fluids and much, much more...

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