Wednesday, 20 February 2013


Swahili Flavour?

What is that?
Walk around London right now and the ongoing vibes will catch your attention. It is  time for another bi-annual London Fashion Week - since 1984 - London joins hands, ears, eyes and feet to dance and jostle with Milan, Paris,  and New York- February and September. We are in February and so...

..For the first time...
This bliss has been joined by the Swahili People...hence Swahili fashion and Swahili Flavour
The catch phrase has been the sing song for three Tanzanian designers with common talents.
An eye for beauty, creativity, business and innovation.
From left Anna Lukindo (Anna Luks ), Christine Mhando (Chichia London) and Jacquiline Kibacha (Heart 365). Pic by Urban Pulse.

I have seen and enjoyed their work...
  Since Friday 15th February, the Tanzanian High among UK's 27 Embassies, art galleries and cultural centres showcasing emerging talents, promoted by the British part of the ongoing London Fashion Week...both the Tanzanian High Commission and Tanzanian Tourist Board... (TTB) sponsored the event and made sure the three designers would showcase their creations.London fashion awards put Tanzanian presentations among top 10 winners- led by Estonia, on Sunday. This is beauty-full news.

Visitors mingle and jostle with Chichia in the Khangas aka Swahili Flavour vibe...pic by Aaron Miclat.

 Christine Mhando who runs the Chichia London label is about Khangas and words...or misemo in Ki-Swahili language.
Chichia's style is inspired by Khangas and the Swahili shown at the ongoing exhibition at the Tanzanian High Commission on Bond Street.

Jacquiline Kibacha- receives an award at last year's Fashions Finest Awards....
Anna Luks' unmistakable, Signature style...
Chichia's Khangas made dress...
Drinks for all visitors...were provided
Embassy officials and their spouses and two of the designers. From left Deputy High Commissioner, Chabaka Kilumanga with Irene; Chichia London, His Excellency Peter Kallaghe the Ambassador of Tanzania, Anna Luks and Mama Joyce Kallaghe. Pic by Fred Mchaki.
 Heart 365's jewellery partly inspired by Maasai culture. Pic by F Macha

J J Adamson of Africans in London TV was present to record this party. pic by F Macha
Opening the ceremony, Tanzania’s High Commissioner’s wife, Mama Joyce Kallaghe, told the throng of visiting fashion and wear lovers – that if they liked the work of our three designer ladies “they are welcome to visit Tanzania and see her tourist sights”.  
After seeing and mingiling time for pictures. From left Mariam Mungula of CCM Barking, Baraka Baraka of Urban Pulse, Anna Luks, Kiondo Wilkins all the way from Madagascar, Chichia London and Samson Soboye the stylist and curator. Pic by F Mchaki.
Baraka Baraka of Urban Pulse interviews Mama Joyce Kallaghe who opened the exciting evening. Pic by F Macha
Chichia explains her "Maneno Maneno" (Swahili words ) style...
And  this blogger provided Swahili Music during this historic opening LONDON'SHere seen with Ambassador Peter Kallaghe. Pic by F Mchaki...


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