Monday, 17 December 2012


Ben Taylor's  remarkable well planned screen outline resembled a miniature school lecture that  showed the "who is who " of Tanzanian media...

Twenty eight bodies and minds in one of those upstairs rooms at SOAS...and three main lessons.
First, those who have lived and worked in Tanzania, those who have interacted with the people never forget it. I spoke to someone who could even remember local bamboo beer called ulanzi...he left 40 years ago yet still loves Tanzania, and can blurt out coherent Swahili phrases and sentences.
Secondly, the caring means recent developments in the media bring out concerns, i. e. the  killing of journalist Daudi are things these days compared to Nyerere times? What does democracy mean? How is the press managing? Who is benefiting and what is going on?
Thirdly, the need to discuss, follow the news, be concerned and interested. What is going to happen after the 2015 elections?
 Following pics may shade more light  on the evening of Thursday 6th December...organised by Britain Tanzania Society...
Display table with Tanzania Development Trust's...merchandise  propagating images, projects and the beauty of the country.
  Writer and Lecturer Andrew Coulson, who taught at the University of Dar es Salaam in the 1970's alongside Professor Issa Shivji and the late Professor Walter Rodney, opens the two hour seminar...

Newly appointed UK Ambassador to Tanzania, Dianna Melrose with BTS member William Fulton...afterwards.
Members of the SOAS Radio station who were there to record, document, participate and witness. From right, David Korenke (fluent in Swahili), Debula Kimoli, Rob Wilson (also manages Kiswahili) and the friendly, unidentified guy who has worked in Tanzania.

Mingling, talking and networking...

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