Saturday, 27 October 2012


Hackney is buzzing. Why? Two words...

I had heard about this small intimate venue for many years... but never ventured in. So on 13th October, three Saturdays ago I popped in to see two amazing acts.

First was the five man percussion- led by visiting Mali Djembe master-drummer Djembe Thunder  with Siemy Di (Congo) on Kit drums, Williams Cumberbache (Venezuela) on Congas, plus another Mali player and wizard musician...Abdullah Samfo, all on fire. 
Or should I say fire and water...for the sound was very balanced.
Idriss made the crowd crazy. He was energetic and the team played along with him. The best thing about this set was the way ... experienced and technically able quartet let one another play. No-one showed off or competed. A master class of dynamics. This made the rhythms audible, clear and easy to hear. Which made all of us in the audience enjoy being at Passing Clouds.
Next set was the host himself. Always positive in the way he presented other musicians and how he spoke to the warm and receptive audience. Planetman (shown on his new CD below) is an example of the entertainer, educator and artist musician all rolled into one.

His own set began with his trio. After abit of singing and plucking on his guitar with subtle solos and easy going riffs complemented by his mesmerising rhythm section (bass and kit drums) Planetman  invited Idriss Traore to play Djembe with the trio....  then a rapper/ poet/ toasting guy (whose name I did not get) but who was loved by all  on the dancing floor. Tall , strong, confident he had a great presence.
 Planetman's band grooved and Idrissa went on adding powerful shots on his African skin...what a night. It felt good  being here. Like history was being cooked...
In these days of austerity, post Olympic blues and the approaching winter, London felt slightly like heaven.
Keep it going folks.
Siemy and friends hang out after gig...

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