Sunday, 20 April 2008


Check out this wonderful Blues Musician.
Yes, Blues...
But... hold on.
Some of us may still equate Blues to old fashioned, slow, boring, mambo jumbo. Forgetting it is the bedrock, speaking melodically, (just like African drums are parents of world rhythms) of all modern, pop music.
Music, is however, a matter of taste so, without appearing to push something you dont like down your throat; may i add quickly...
I like the simplistic, straightfoward, peaceful but intense, well crafted music and guitar of Mr. Jean-Rene who says he is also an organic chemist.
This guy's stuff speaks more volumes than the rubbish we see promoted by huge record companies: scowling, snarling, finger pointing bad vibes; so called singers with no subsistence.
OK. I have also snarled at someone's art.
There is freedom of speech and self expression.
However, am concerned by the social results. A 27 year old guy was telling me the other day how he used to love gangsta rap a few years back. " I would listen to some of these chaps and immediately feel like fighting or ripping someone's teeth out."
"Oh yes. Thats why i have stopped listening. I have become more choosy."
It is amazing how music is subtly, contributing to the disrespect on our streets today. Check out yobs playing their loud stuff openly on their mobiles. You have to bear and "take" it ; like it or not. Freedom.
Come to London.
Tales of someone being stabbed for staring at scowling yobs has become "normal" news in the media.
A forty something colleague was saying how he was told to F-K OFF! ...simply for looking, accidentally, at yobs being rowdy at a public place.
"I mean, I wasn't even staring, my face seemed to be in their line, visually, I didn't will my eyes to look... i was just facing their way as i walked ... i was, abused menacingly and told to F-K OFF three times!"

We cannot even stare at one another?
This is not even about ear damage.
These individual's ears are going to be in a mess in later years. They should speak to legendary WHO musician Peter Townsend or ex President Bill Clinton. The two are standing testimonials to loud music and misusing senses in your youth.
That's why this Blues Man is my Weekend's profile. A vibe of the times.
A healthy vibe. A crucial vibe...needed to heal our morally puking societies.

Thank you friend for sending me the clip.
Happy Sundays.

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