Monday, 10 March 2008


In November last year we featured a review of Swedish Musician-Songwriter Klara Kjellen's gig at Notinghill Gate.
Here is a new one. She says:

Happy Street plays sweet POP
and has a dream of living at a street where everyone is Happy.
We have been there once just to visit! We want to go there again!
All the wallpapers have a sent of a cottage in the countryside
and the lamps are a little bit dusty but the early summerlight
thatslipps in through the window makes us happy.

Welcome to our London GIG at Hope and Anchor in Islington,
Monday 17th of March, 20:00

207 Upper Street, London , N1 1RL
Entrance: £4

Bring your friends and have a great evening!!!
Hope to see you there...

New album 'Under your skin' released on the German Recordlabel Joprec
now available to buy from

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